About Azlin

Born on the day thats exactly half of the year (IQ question! You have to figure it out!) in Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia – Azlin grew up in a world where adaptability and movement was always a constant. Ever since she was a baby she has moved on average every four years of her life to places like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Washington D.C.

Her family roots are all about diversity, her father is half Malay half Chinese and her mother is half Malay half Thai. Despite the mixed ethnicity, both parents are 100% Kelantanese. Her sister is married to a Pakistani  and Azlin is currently in a happy relationship of two years with a Dutchman.

Currently, Azlin is living in Penang, Malaysia where she fulfills her corporate obligations during her daytime and weekdays. She discovered her passion of blogging and reviews through the recognition given by TripAdvisor. Now she shares with the world her experiences with beauty and her travel lifestyle.

Funfact: ENABEH are all the initials of Azlin’s full name. Yes, there are six words in her name.